What to visit in Cordoba

cordoue calleje de las flores

Cordoba was the second stop on my Andalusia road trip after Seville . If this little trip interests you and you want to know what to do in Cordoba, follow me, I’ll tell you everything!

What to do in Cordoba in a day?

Cordoba is a small city that can be easily visited in a day. This step was not my favorite. After Seville, Cordoba seemed less spectacular to me. In addition, I arrived in Cordoba in the middle of siesta time and you should know that this city is extremely hot (43 °C displayed at that time). Determined to find me something for lunch, I wandered for a long time in the completely deserted streets which almost gave the appearance of a ghost town, so I left with a somewhat mixed first impression.

However, I wanted to make the most of my day in this city and I wasted no time, I visited a very large part of the city in one afternoon, in the blazing heat!

The alleys of Juderia (Jewish quarter)

La Juderia is my favorite neighborhood in Cordoba. No specific address, you have to take the time to stroll through this little alleys with white and blue facades. Pass through Calleja de las Flores , an alley decorated with many flowerpots on the walls. It is very touristy but that does not detract from its charm.

La Mezquita

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is a must visit. You can enter for free between 8:30 am and 9:00 am. Definitely worth getting up for the visit. It is by far the most striking religious building that I have had the chance to visit. Inside, the mix of architectural styles is incredible!

The Roman Bridge

The Roman Bridge of Cordoba is part of the heritage of the city, it allows to cross the Guadalquivir. It is at sunset that the visit is most pleasant, to admire the golden light on the buildings, and in particular on the triumphal arch which is at the end of the bridge.

Plaza de la Corredera

I really liked the Plaza de la Corredera for its architecture. It is a large rectangular square surrounded by arches, accessed by vaulted passages. What is most surprising are the windows of the building that surround it, all of which are identical with their green shutters, and when you stand in the middle, the perspective is impressive.

Plaza de las Tendillas

The Plaza de las Tendillas is a great place to see in Cordoba. For my part, it was under construction when I went there, but you will certainly have better luck!

Roman temple of Cordoba

The Roman temple of Cordoba are ruins that were discovered there and rebuilt as they were in Roman times by an architect. It’s quite surprising to see them posed there, in the middle of the city.

Jardines de la Victoria and Mercado Victoria

For a pleasant stroll, you can go through the Paseo de la Victoria. In the middle you will find a covered market resembling the one in Seville, the Mercado Victoria, but this one is more gastronomic, the prices seemed a bit high to me so I did not test it.

Good address in Cordoba

I didn’t stay long enough to have a great deal of skill, but it was there that I ate my best Spanish meal, braised sirloin with gorgonzola sauce, set on a small ultra bucolic square. I therefore recommend the Tarberna La Montillana  Calle San Álvaro, 5, Córdoba

As I said, although Cordoba is a pleasant city, I didn’t particularly fall in love with it. So after Seville , my stopover in Cordoba ends, a little earlier than expected, because I bought a bus ticket earlier to go to Granada!

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