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And now, it’s time to write about the last step (last but not least!) of my Andalusian road trip: Granada. Visit Granada is one of my favourite memory of my road-trip. This city has a certain charm, the Alhambra has something to do with it, but I also loved discovering the districts of Sacromonte and the Albaicín. Visiting Granada was a wonderful stopover and I will keep fond memories of it. A quick look back at the things to do in Granada !

Visit the Alhambra of Granada

Obviously, I have to start my article with the sublime, the wonderful, the incredible Alhambra ! It is forbidden to visit Granada and not to go to the Alhambra! It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I really felt a lot of emotions at the grandeur and beauty of this place and it would have been a big mistake to miss it. Plan a half-day dedicated to the Alhambra, but above all, book your ticket well in advance of your visit. In summer, they can leave months in advance. The Alhambra is divided into 5 parts: the fortress , the palace of the Nasrids , the palace of Charles V , the gardens and the Generalife. Please note that the time communicated on your ticket and the one you must go to for your visit to the Nasrid Palace (you must arrive about 20 minutes before in the queue). For the rest, the schedule is free, as long as you have your ticket you can travel between the different parts of the Alhambra before or after your visit to the Nasrid Palace.

Alhambra of Granada – 14 €


Admire the sunset over the Alhambra

At sunset, the Alhambra is covered with an orange color. Meet in the Albaicín to enjoy the show! There are several watchtowers, I went to the San Nicolas watchtower but it was not the best choice. The watchtower is very touristy, there were a lot of people. I was recommended the Mirador de San Miguel Alto, more difficult to access but it seems much quieter!

Visit Granada: the historic center

The bazaars

Visiting the souks of Granada is to feel a bit like in Morocco. Well, they all offer the same products, but it’s pretty funny, you really feel like in Marrakech. The souks can be found in Calle de la Calderería or Calle de Zacatín .

If you choose to go up to the Alhambra by  Calle del Correo Viejo you will also have the opportunity to do some shopping in these small Arab shops.


Make your way to the stunning Granada Cathedral and take a tour to admire it from all angles. In front of the cathedral you will find the Plaza de las Pasiegas , a pleasant square where you can take a short break sitting on the steps.

Where to eat, where to drink, places full of life

If you are looking for lively places, to go for a drink or dinner, I advise you to take a tour of  Plaza Bib Rambla ,  Plaza Romanilla  or  Plaza Pescadería . I also spotted Calle Navas , very busy and full of restaurants. I did not have the opportunity to eat there because it had already been done but if I had known, it is surely in this street that I would have decided to take a break.

Botanical Gardens and University

In the old town are the botanical gardens which I was unable to visit because they are closed on weekends. They are annexed to the University of Granada , take the opportunity to take a look at this beautiful building!

Go up to Sacromonte to discover the troglodyte houses

The Sacromonte district is also a must in Granada. This is the old gypsy quarter, perched on a hill opposite the Alhambra. I really enjoyed visiting this pretty typical neighborhood, a little fanciful, with very white facades and decorated in blue. It has a particularity: it is the district of caves and troglodyte houses (houses carved into the rock). It seems that we can find some on Airbnb to stay there, I was not so lucky so to be able to enter this type of house, I decided to visit the Museum of Troglodyte Houses. It’s a pretty fun visit, we discover how the houses were organized at the time when the gypsies lived in this neighborhood. Ask for the information guide in your language, it contains many interesting anecdotes!

After this visit, you can continue your ascent of Sacromonte to discover the Abbey . The climb is steep, the walk a bit difficult, but a pretty view like the one you will get at the top is worth it!

Museum of cave houses – € 5

Sacromonte Abbey – € 4

Stroll through the pretty alleys of the Albaicín

The Albaicín district, the old Arab quarter of Granada is also a place that I really liked. These little alleys are full of charm. I went there early in the morning, there were few people in the streets, only a few locals who were incredibly kind. As soon as I took out my card, they came towards me to ask me what I was looking for, or even advise me to visit such and such a place. I was really pleasantly surprised by the human warmth of these people, who nevertheless have to endure a good number of tourists all summer.

To go up to this district, I took the  Carril de la Lona . From this street, there is a very pretty panorama on the center of Granada, which was all the more pleasant in the morning, to observe the calm of a city which is waking up.

I continued the walk through the pretty Placeta de las Minas then to Plaza Larga (it is on this path that I met a multitude of adorable locals). The Plaza Larga is very cute, there was even a small market. I then continued to walk aimlessly in these charming alleys, I loved the walk.

Stroll along the Rio Darro to Plaza Nueva

I came down from the Albaicín by one of the small streets perpendicular to Calle San Juan de los Reyes . It was thus by chance that I arrived at the edge of the Rio Darro . I really liked the setting on the banks of this river, with the small stone bridges. You can visit the Arab baths. From there you can also walk to Plaza Nueva , a large, bustling square. In this square, there are restaurants that seemed to me to be very touristy. If you are looking for a break, I advise you to go up just above the square, Plaza Santa Ana , there I stopped at the bar  El Rinconcillo, where tapas are offered with each beer ordered (this is often the case in Granada). The tapas were nothing fancy, it was simple, but the service was very friendly and it was really cheap!

And there you have it… after Seville , then Cordoba , my trip to Andalusia ended with this beautiful getaway in Granada. I really loved discovering this region, I felt so out of place in a country so close to ours. There are still many cities that I want to know there and it is certain that this will still give me dozens of reasons to return soon!

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