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This summer, we had been traveling 15 days in Georgia. I fell in love with this small country, nicknamed “the jewel of the Caucasus”. The warmth of its inhabitants, their generosity and the ambient feeling of security contribute to its sweetness of life. Added to this a variety of incredible landscapes, this small territory will appeal to hiking enthusiasts as well as those looking for relaxation or a city trip.

If you have chosen to travel to Georgia , I have no doubt that you will love me as much. Wondering what to see in Georgia ? Are you looking for the must-see places to visit in Georgia ? I offer you an itinerary with our main steps to traveling 15 days in Georgia .

Itinerary : 15 days traveling in Georgia

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter, the itinerary to travel to Georgia . Here are on the map the unmissable points of the things to see in Georgia .

Stage 1 to travel to Georgia: Tbilisi

To start your trip to Georgia, there is a good chance that you will land in Tbilisi. So this was the first stop on our itinerary, a very attractive stop. The capital of Georgia is an astonishing contrast between modernity and authenticity. The new modern and original constructions, such as the Peace Bridge or the Presidential Palace come to mix with the pretty typical buildings whose wooden balconies seem to threaten to collapse. Life is very pleasant in Tbilisi and I could easily have spent several weeks there, if the weather had permitted. To discover the essentials and the best addresses in Tbilisi, go to this article !

Stage 2 – Stephantsminda (formerly Kazbegi)

Assaulting the Greater Caucasus, we are now far north of Georgia, on the Russian border! Stephantsminda is an essential stopover for those who like to walk in the mountains. You can walk to the mythical Trinity Church, perched on a hill. Then, you embark on the ascent of Mount Kazbek. This dormant volcano rises to an altitude of 5,047 meters. The hike we did there, despite bad weather conditions, blew our eyes away.

Stage 3 – Kakheti, Georgian vineyard region

Wine lovers will be delighted to learn that Georgia has so many vineyards! She has been making wine for 8,000 years. This is a different method from ours. The wine macerates in terracotta jars (qvevris) for one season before it can be consumed. It’s a fun stopover to learn more about wine culture in Georgia. You can visit cellars and do tastings in estates. It is not the stage that will remain engraved in my memory the longest, but it also deserves a little glance to discover the pretty village of Sighnaghi perched on a hill. In addition, the region is very easy to reach from Tbilisi, thanks to the “Kakheti Highway”.

Stage 4 – Vashlovani National Park

Here is a little-known stage, and yet not the least! She is easily part of my top of the country. Entering this park requires some formalities and information on the internet is rather scarce. So much so that I considered not going, because it seemed too complicated! And yet, it would have been a shame to miss Vashlovani Park. This is why I wrote a detailed article to obtain entry permits and explore this park.

It is an arid zone, of more than 400 km ² on the border with Azerbaijan. As soon as you arrive, you are greeted by dozens of magnificent birds, which fly very close to you. The flora and fauna of this park are incredible and you feel alone in the world. The reliefs are just as fascinating and hardly change you will cover a few kilometers. For an unforgettable safari adventure, I can only recommend that you spend a day or even several days of your trip to Georgia at Vashlovani National Park. Follow my advice on getting your entry and planning your route .

Stage 5 to travel to Georgia – Akhaltsikhe and its fortress

We chose the town of Akhaltsikhe to be able to visit the Vardzia cave monastery . The choice then fell between Bojormi, a former Soviet spa resort, or Akhaltsikhe , whose description on paper made you dream more. On the heights of the city, there is a fortified wall which has been recently renovated. Thus, you can visit the majestic Rabati Castle , its gardens and its mosque. A very nice stopover, before setting off to explore the Vardzia troglodyte site. This monastery is made up of impressive galleries carved into the rock, similar to an anthill.

Stage 6 – Kutaisi and its surroundings

Kutaisi, or Koutaissi, is also one of my favorite cities in Georgia. There is nothing very special to visit in the city, except its very large market and its perched cathedral . It is a city where the atmosphere is soft and we like to stroll! It is nicknamed a bohemian city and the many restaurants and cafes with vintage decorations are keen to keep this image. You will also have many things to discover in the surroundings of Kutaisi, such as the Grabati monastery or the Otkase gorges . To know what to see in Kutaisi, have a look to my post about it !

Stage 7 – Mestia, travel to the Great Causase

To continue your trip to Georgia, go now to Svaneti, again in the Greater Caucasus. Mestia is the city from which many hikes begin, including the famous Mestia – Ushguli trek which is done over 4 days. I dreamed of going for a walk near the Koruldi lakes, unfortunately for us the weather did not allow it. It rained a lot during our stay in Mestia. The end of the stay was fast approaching, which led us to leave the city without having practiced a single hike.

It’s a shame, because it’s one of the cities we took the longest to reach. The mountain roads are difficult to practice and the means of transport are more expensive than in the rest of the country.

Stage 8 – Batumi, Georgia’s hottest beach resort

To end our trip, we decided to head for Batumi, in order to take it easy before returning home. Batumi is a seaside resort by the Black Sea. This is a place that claims to be Las Vegas of Georgia . Lights are shining, Casinos are flashing on every street corner, and huge skyscrapers are popping out of the ground like mushrooms. The old center has been completely renovated. It looks like Disneyland .

In short, it’s a rather strange place… But quite representative of the will to “show oneself”, very anchored in the culture. We also understand the desire to make Georgia a top-of-the-range tourist destination, meeting the requirements of customers from neighboring countries.

How to get around Georgia?

Georgia is a small country that travels quickly. The journeys are not very long as long as you stay on the main axes, then they are national roads in good condition. However, as soon as you leave the main roads, for example to make a detour through a village, the roads then become less passable. Likewise, when you reach the mountains, there are many bends and very common landslides. The journeys then become longer, but the breathtaking landscapes allow you to not see the time passing!

Using local buses to travel to Georgia

It is easy to travel in Georgia , as local minibuses (the marchroutka) are plentiful and connect the main cities of the country for a few euros. It is the most typical transport. Certainly, the comfort is not optimal and there is no air conditioning, but it is a good experience. It immerses you in the country vibe and you can enjoy your driver’s favorite music. The marchrouka is very inexpensive (less than 3 euro cents per kilometer on average, depending on the condition of the road to be taken) and above all the drivers drive so fast that we often arrive before the scheduled time.

Rent a vehicle

If you don’t like the local minibuses, you can opt to hire a car, but be aware that it is quite expensive. Prefer to book it at the airport in advance to be sure to get the best rates. Outside of airports, it is very difficult to find a rental car in the city , except in Tbilisi. If you are a fan of scooters and motorcycles, you may be a little disappointed. You see very little of it in Georgia and it is almost impossible to find it for rent. The only store we found was in Telavi and closed permanently. Yes, Georgians are bling-bling and prefer big sedans!

Take the taxi

Finally, it is possible to consider the taxi option. For about thirty euros you can travel over 150 km, which is convenient and interesting from time to time. To negotiate the prices and avoid getting too fooled, you can use the Bolt app in and around town. This gives you a good indicator (keep in mind that a taxi driver will never offer a price as low as Bolt). Do not hesitate to ask the locals for advice to get an idea of ​​the prices. Georgians are inherently kind and honest people. Those who speak English (not a lot, it’s true) will be happy to provide you with information.

Traveling to Georgia with transport

If you don’t want to take the hassle of organizing your transport, have you thought about booking an excursion from Tbilisi ? Civitatis offers many private excursions departing from Tbilisi. It is an organization in which I have complete confidence. I have been fortunate enough to participate in some excursions, especially to Bilbao and Vietnam and have always been very satisfied with the tours I have booked with them. The formulas are super flexible and you can cancel them without fear if you have any setbacks.

And there you have it, this is how this itinerary ends for traveling in Georgia. Have you ever visited Georgia? Would you like to add tips to this itinerary? Do not hesitate to share them in the “comments” space!

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